Our Adele Moment…

Awards season is always an exciting time for the whole team at Sugar Culture. Our salons host some of the most talented and competitive individuals within the Irish hair and makeup industry, so it’s no surprise that we take awards very seriously, especially awards as coveted as the annual IMAGE Magazine Ireland Business of Beauty Awards.

Last year we received a whopping NINE nominations across the board for our stylists, colourist and make-up artists. We went home with the award for Best Brows & Best Blow-dry in the business, something we’re super proud of, but this year we wanted THAT Adele moment…

To say we came back fighting this time around, would be somewhat of an understatement. With nominations in EIGHT of the categories, we began our campaign to secure one or hopefully two of the esteemed trophies, at the glitzy awards ceremony, held in the Dublin 4 Clayton Hotel.

The eight nominations

  1. Best Stylist – Laura Reid (Brown Sugar)
  2. Best Colourist – Aimee Penco (Sugar Cubed)
  3. Most Creative In Hair – Roy Leigh (Brown Sugar)
  4. Best Bloody Blow-dry – Aidan Darcy (Brown Sugar)
  5. Best Makeup Artist – Eilis Downey (Brown Sugar)
  6. Best Front of House – Pam Brennan (Brown Sugar)
  7. Best Barber – Suzanne Redmonde (Sugar Daddy Barbers)
  8. Best Salon – Brown Sugar


As nerves mounted among our nominees, the room filled with some of Ireland’s elite in beauty and they brought with them a hunger for a superb evening of awards. Little did we know just how successful we we’re about to be…

First up was the award for ‘Best Makeup Artist’, which saw Eilis Downey take the bronze for. Suzanne Redmonde was up next for ‘Best Barber’ and our first gold was in the bag! Up third was Roy Leigh for ‘Most Creative in Hair’ and two golds are banked! Aidan Darcy prepares himself as ‘Best Bloody Blow-dry’ is read out next and in the blink of an eye we have three gold awards…

After a short break and a calming of nerves we’re back for round two! Aimee Penco is up for ‘Best Colourist’ and we bag our first silver award. Pamela Brennan sits calmly as they come to ‘Best Front of House’, our second bronze of the evening is secure. A relatively calm Laura Reid bows her head in anticipation of the next category ‘Best Stylist’. After what felt like an eternity, we await the winner of the gold and it’s secured by the seriously talented Laura Reid! Is this real life?

We gather together as a team, as a unit, proud of the accomplishments of the night and expecting no more, what happened next was a moment that’ll never be forgotten. Darren Kennedy and Melanie Morris read through the nominees for ‘Best Salon’… a rare moment of silence draws over the room and before we know it the team are up on stage collecting the award for the top spot. Best Salon goes to BROWN SUGAR!

Rewatch the moment below

A huge thank you is owed to our incredible supports who voted daily for our deserving nominees and all of the team at IMAGE MAGAZINE. We finally got out Adele moment.








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