Bringing Back The Brows With M2BEAUTÉ…

As we get older  we realise that we should have listened to our mothers every time they told us not to pluck our eyebrows. Mothers know best after all. Instead we chose not to listen which resulted in over-plucked and underwhelming eyebrows. Enter M2BEAUTE


M2BEAUTÉ is a specialist among luxury beauty brands. The company focuses on developing innovative cosmetic products to maximize and optimize your natural beauty.

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Time for a bit of science… In recent years research technologies have enabled science in the areas of medicine, chemistry and biology to acquire new and accurate insights into the effects of specifically defined molecules that activate the body’s own growth and regeneration potential.

These research findings provide M2BEAUTÉ with the foundations for developing revolutionary new ingredients for cosmetic products that contribute toward achieving optimal and most importantly, natural beauty which represents an alternative to conventional, conservative and sometimes even invasive treatment methods that are designed only to provide care.

M2 BEAUTÉ is without a doubt one of the leading innovators within the beauty industry. This has been duly noted by all of us here Sugar Culture and we are proud to now stock two of their latest products in all Brown Sugar Salons.



Providing renewed vigor for sparse or over-tweezed eyebrows, this innovative serum, based on proven and effective MDN complex and enhanced by the prized natural ingredient Black Sea Rod Oil, stimulates the natural growth of your eyebrows, giving you restored, thick, strong, and healthy eyebrows that highlight your natural beauty and open up a world of possibilities for trend-conscious styling. Application is easy – and the results are amazing!


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Watch Your Lashes Become More Beautiful By The Day

Here it is, (Shh) the secret to ravishingly beautiful eyelashes with amazing volume: This highly potent activating serum contains the highly effective MDN complex. This carefully dosed active ingredient stimulates the roots of the lashes, bringing about a longer growth phase while also creating fuller, stronger lashes.

These products are making waves across the beauty industry.

We’re now stocking M2BEAUTE in all Brown Sugar Salons.

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