Do you need colour in your life? Then you need to know Mark Byrne…

Senior Colour Technician at Brown Sugar, South William St.

Mark has been a colour technician for over 9 years and began his career as a hairdresser at the tender age of 16. He trained and qualified with Peter Mark where he met and worked with Mark O Keeffe, the owner of Brown Sugar.

Mark has worked with Brown Sugar for six years and has a clientelle that includes Wonderland’s Jodi Albert, Yvonne Keating, Lisa Fitzpatrick and Lorraine Keane to name but a few.

During his time as a senior colour technician, Mark has given inspirational colour technician training for the L’Oreal Academy,  has contributed to the Brown Sugar L’Oreal  Colour Trophy show in 2010 and completed a colour specialist degree.

Mark prides himself on keeping colour natural looking even if your colour is not your own.

TOP TIP from Mark: “When visiting the salon for the first time, if you have an idea of the look you want, it is always a good idea to bring photographs so that myself and the client both have a good idea of what the final look should be. Homecare is also as important as a regular visit to the salon”.

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