7th Annual Sugar Culture Trainee Comp

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Yesterday, 24th April 2017, marked one of the most anticipated events of the year within the Sugar Culture calendar, the 7th annual trainee competition., held in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Golden Lane.

From the outset, it was very clear that this year was going to be our biggest, most extravagant competition to date where 1st, 2nd and 3rd year assistants go head-to-head with two models, showcasing their hairdressing capabilities.

The competition started back when Brown Sugar had just two locations, South William Street and  Blackrock. Add on a couple of years and three new locations, we barely had enough room in the 250 person capacity auditorium for staff, family members and hairdressing legends.

The Judges: Sugar Culture Colour Manager Frank O’Keeffe was top of the table on the judge’s panel followed by Sugar Culture educator Elayne Archbold, guest judge Stephen Kelly (off the tele) and finally Gino Reilly, our late friend and colleague Eugene’s Dad, who has presented the overall award since the very beginning and hopefully many more to come.

The Contestants: In term one, Shauna (Brown Sugar Blackrock), Maryann (Brown Sugar Ranelagh), Emma O’Neill (Brown Sugar South William Street), Kerrie (Brown Sugar South William Street), Chloe (Brown Sugar Ranelagh), Tammi (Sugar Cubed), Emily (South William Street) and Kirsten (Sugar Cubed) all went head to head with Chloe coming in 3rd, Maryann in 2nd and Kirsten in 1st place.

In term two, Lyn (Sugar Cubed), Neil, (Blackrock), Alba (Blackrock), Alix (South William Street), Emma (Sws) and Grace (Sugar Cubed) competed against each other with Neil nabbing 3rd place, Grace coming in 2nd and Lyn securing 1st place.


In the final category, term three, we had Selena from (Sugar Cubed), Craig from (South William Street), Lucy (Blackrock), Helen (Ranelagh), Shakira (Blackrock), Shauna B (South William Street) and lastly Shannon (Blackrock). Helen secured 3rd place while Selena came in 2nd and Shakira secured 1st place and the overall Eugene Reilly award for the third time.

The standard of hairdressing was in a word, phenomenal. Mark said “If this is the standard of hairdressing coming from our trainees, we can safely say the future of Brown Sugar, Sugar Cubed and Sugar Daddy Barbers is in very good hands.”

Well done to all who took part.

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