Tousled Hair

We mentioned before how poker straight styles are coming back this season, but with the promise of some weekend sun, we thought you might prefer something a little more disheveled for that beachy effect. Relaxed beach hair looks and tousled tresses have been one of the hottest trends to sport in 2012.

Whether you’re searching for expert hair tips to ensure your tousled waves last all day or want to know which spray products will inject texture, our industry insiders and top hair stylists have shared their best tips and tricks to help you tick off the tousled hair trend.


It may seem counterintuitive to clean hair before tousling, but prepping hair in the shower with products will help add moisture and minimize frizz.


Towel-dry hair, then if you have wavy or curly hair, spritz with spray gel to help set your natural curls. Try L’ORÉAL PROFESSIONNEL TECNI ART PLAY BALL BEACH FIZZ.

For straight or fine hair, comb a large dollop of volumizing mousse through wet hair.

For medium to thick hair, apply styling cream to help control flyaways and finger comb it through the hair for even application.


Flip your hair, then with a diffuser dry your hair until it’s 85 percent dry. Don’t touch your hair too much while drying, you want to ‘get in and get out,’ touching it often will create more frizz.



Step 1: Using a small round brush, blow dry sections of hair and roll the brush away from your face.
Step 2: With a 3/4-inch curling iron, wrap 1-inch sections of hair from mid-shafts to ends only (leave the roots straight). Curl random sections of hair in different directions to create a more haphazard, rough texture.
Step 3: Gently tousle your hair with your hands to break up the curls.


Step 1: Section your hair into 2-inch squares all over your head using zigzag lines to part. The zigzagged sections will help procure a more imperfect finish.
Step 2: With each section, apply a dollop of mousse through it and twist the strand to wind it into a tight mini bun. Secure with a hair pin. Create these mini buns throughout your head.


Step 3: Blast each mini bun with a blow dryer, until your hair is dry and the hair pins feel hot. This will take about 15 to 20 minutes. Let the buns cool down before removing the pins.
Step 4: If you feel your hair is too curly, use a medium-sized round brush and a blow dryer to smooth out the hair that frames your face and the top layer of your hair around your part. Make sure to direct the hair away from your face.
Step 5: With a 3/4-inch curling iron, wrap small sections of hair around the iron that are too straight or too curly. Just wrap from mid-shaft of the hair to the ends.
Step 6: Smooth a pea sized amount of styling wax on your waves to tame frizz and define strands. Tousle your hands through your hair as you apply.


Step 1: Take 2-inch sections of hair and spritz with a lightweight hairspray, then blow dry the section using a medium-sized round metal brush (we recommend using a metal brush because it heats up faster). Roll the hair up in the brush like it’s a hot roller and hold it there while blasting it with the blow dryer for a few seconds.
Step 2: Twist the brush as you unroll your hair then wrap the section of hair around your index and middle fingers. This will create a coil. Secure the coil to your scalp using a duckbill clip. Repeat steps one and two until all hair is secured into pin curls.
Step 3: Let your hair set in pin curls while you finish your morning routine (do your makeup, brush your teeth, etc.).
Step 4: Remove the clips and finish by gently tousling your hair with your hands to break up the curls, creating a more “lived in” look.


Finish with a spritz of lightweight hairspray all over your hair. After following all the steps, you should be left with gorgeous tousled hair 

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