L’Oreal Colour Trophy Photo Diary

Monday night was a memorable one for Sugar Culture at the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards 2016. It was a huge change from our first time at the event, where 8 staff members showed support in the audience.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve grown to 5 salons and 1 barber shop, plus a team of almost 100 staff. It was this dedicated staff that gave up their time to support friends and colleagues at the 2016 L’Oréal Colour Trophy on 20 June 2016. Big change from 8 seats!

It was a surreal moment for Sugar Culture, with every salon nominated at the event. Take a look at our photo diary from the night below.

Credit to Assets Model Agency and Morgan The Agency for their beautiful models and Ian White for photography on the night.

BrownSugar1 BrownSugar2 BrownSugar3 BrownSugar4 BrownSugar5 BrownSugar6 BrownSugar7 BrownSugar8 BrownSugar9 BrownSugar10 BrownSugar11 BrownSugar12 BrownSugar13 BrownSugar14 BrownSugar15 BrownSugar16 BrownSugar17 BrownSugar18 BrownSugar19 BrownSugar20 BrownSugar21 BrownSugar23 BrownSugar24 BrownSugar25 BrownSugar26 BrownSugar27 BrownSugar28 BrownSugar29 BrownSugar30

Written by ianokeeffe

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